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there are doing and how you hundre of volunteers ar ates..preparing to help people lefth nowhere go p on the? wisconsin is inth efrt. pete zervakis how ey're helping more tn 30 vo adinuth elth hurricane relief - carry on rolling loading his bag into this emergency response
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- loadg stufinto truck been set on volunteer trips with the red cross more than a decade. i think this is my 22nd or 23rd one after loading up the truck... car starting tommy and milos lazarevic are now -route to orlando florida. for thnexttwo weeks... shelters rco evacuate relief their homes. what we're doin is sending peoe as fast as we can fore like all red cross undeone extensive training. whher providina ???shelter or feeding operations or logistical operations, our luntrs vohave received at aining long before they go the two aren't?@rvs about s thward storm. they're eager to assist. iike to help people - because ybhelp me if i needt ny
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two weekis n volunteer time volueers eerat the c pz tmj4 mj miau kee ine o leavg from wau-sau and madison. at these pictures from cocoa beach, florida. multiple transfmers exploded overnight as hurricane matthew and high winds hit the area early this miheinternational t. flights lwaukee from orlando ? be?nceled. ?hflights to and right off ampa and ata wafamily had to end their disney vacation beth anthey barely made it out of the pathf thfami got the last 'southwest ight' to milwaukee .... before the orlando airport shut down. they had rented a car and we're ready to drive 20 hours.... if they couldn't 17:01:01 pretty chaotic down
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for gas, food, water." :06?!,pt situation.a fees in orlando had to drive to a atlantfirs- toget a ht back t humans not the only ones trying to evacuate.. animal shelters are also trying to get animals to a safe place before the hurricane hits. shelter workers in south carolina are working to transport animlas to the d-c area ahead of when we offset their population, they're able to be there for th the thaare going to be displaced storm."the dogs had adoption in south carolina. but ll soon be avale for adoption in locations near washington d-d he pple not to evacuate . they'reg igrnings from state man she rit -- andstayg pu "we're prepared for it. we would haveevuated but my fe is one the direorcounty ove couple of shters so were
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afofmatthein the bahamas. high winds knocked down treeand power lines. the storm hit the hamas after leaving behind a humanitari cr i in hait-- the at fr red at pe tits now.pnd t int ?xrlier this .it's tfirst orm t hit ha in more than 50 years. these aerial views from the u.s. coast guard ow theteatrm hurricane maw. the g throug ru pa tce they h pr, hudity andl the other factors can l be fe7d to forecasters to better
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hillary - in milwaukee tomorrow. clinton will lay out the importance of the election for working families in wisconsin ... and encourage people to headthe polls early. no word yet on what time .. or location. donald trump is joining paul ryan... scott walker... ron johnson and other wisconsin republicans tomorrow in atn event at the county ille encomes just one day n. the thsecond presidential debate be b?live streg? debate?? on t-m-j-4 dot com. you can h ?the packers? versus the giants on sunday night ott -- that starts ahead of sunday night's primetime packers mahup against the gits.. we had some very special guests at our ioorn thists sunday night foot blledus rking t arndo'cloc we got a sneak peek inside < e wi producer a
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ntroom, weave a player of thegame t touc screen and our selfie couch."be university tonight from 5 to 7 and in green bay for the game sunday. again.. that's live right here on today's t-m-j-4 at 7:30 p-m sunday night. still ahead... hurricane the east coast... the heartland got a twister.we'll show you the aftermath of a tornado after it rips through parts of kansas..then... the latest from new jersey -- after last week's train crash. what investigators say happened -- just moments before the train made impact. let's take a live look at hurricane matthew..
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let's take a live look at hurricane matthew.. more news now.. residents in central kansas are cleaning up after strong storms... ?1including possible tornadoes... moved through the region yesterday. this was the scene in saline county... where an apparent afternoon hours. several structures were damaged... including one home. thankfully, there have been no reports of two people are dead after a cra minneapolis.sheriff's deputies say the helicopter crashed near a neighborhod last night... bursting into flames as it crashed. the f-a-a and n-t-s-b are investigating what caused the crash. the train that crashed in new jersey last week has been removed from the wreckage for further investigation.the n-t-s-b says the train was
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when it crashed.. killing one woman and injuring 100 others. investigators also say the train's enginner hit the emergency brake.. but just less than a second before mexico says it has extradited a fugitive that's on 'the f-b-i's top ten most wanted list."brenda delgado" is in dallas.delcado was pick aed home in mexico back apl. she faces charges murd the alleged contract-killg of heex-riend's . nobel peace prize. santos is being re forwardedhis efforts to end a five-decades-long civil war that has killed more than 200-thousand people in the south country. the awarding of the nobel narrow ??rejected a peace deal that santos helped bring meteorologist gottian
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for your health.. october is breast cancer awareness month... and organizations around the country are wearing pink to show support and raise money for breast cancer research. tonight one community here in wisconsin is stepping up to show support flood has more. (nats)you can find lisa brandenburg at helping out at the football field. (sot: lisa brandenburg, cancer patient) "he hasn't missed any practices or any games.... we just arrange our schedule accordingly" her husband bruce has been coaching youth football here for 12 years.. and she's played a part a big part on the team - every season. (sot: bruce brandenburg, football coach/husband))"i can't do this the football thing without all of her support and help and i can't say enough about what she's done for me
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lisa was diagnosed with breast cancer back in april.. she didn't let it keep her from the sideline. (sot: lisa brandenburg, cancer patient) "our life just went on as normal because that's just what you have to do"she's known around here for her positive attitude - and hard work ethic. (nats)"hi how are you" something she's kept up after her diagnosis. (sot: lisa brandenburg, cancer patient)"that's all i had to hear as long as it was curable i was like alright we can do this" she's been fighting ever since.. and tonight - this community she's been cheering for season after season - is rooting for her. (sot: lisa amazing all of the past players that shows up tonight it is just amazing and all of the boys with all of the flowers it's just amazing to me" coming together for coming together for the cause transcends team rivalry.. tonight - they are all playing - for pink. (nats)"you guys are making my night let me tell ay" showing a woman who's used to being on the sidelines.. what it's like - to be the star of the game. (sot: lisa brandenburg, cancer patient)"you always know you have fiends but you have wonderful friends when something like this happens to
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all of the proceeds form the consession stand lisa helps run ... will go towards helping her pay for her treatments and hospital the majority of children in the u-s are vaccinated against potentially dangerous diseases ... but there is still room for data from the centers for disease control shows vaccination rates for 19 to 35 month olds remained stable last year. however, lower coverage continues for vaccines recommended during the second year of le children living in poverty or from rural areas. a new report looking at global health shows significant progress ... and continuing from more than 18-hundred scientists in over 1-hundred-20 countries shows life expectancy increased from 62 years old in 1980 to 72 in 2015 -- thanks to improvements in sanitation, pollution and immunizations.however, these gains are threatened by obesity and substance abuse -- which have skyrocketed over
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coming up... hurricane matthew continuing to cause issues for people in florida and the east coast.. and -- following the boxing legend's death.. muhammad ali's mansion is on the market.. how much it costs and how you can try to bid for it. let's take a live look at
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workers: he campaigned as a job creator but senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas. good manufacturing jobs just disappeared. ceos and giant corporations get richer rder and harder to get ahead. we need an economy that works for people like me. for people like me. for people like me. people like me. russ: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because wisconsin's middle class
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let's take a live look at hurricane matthew.. tybee
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the threat of hurricane matthew has the threat of the threat of hurricane matthew has forced the postponement of the l-s-u - florida football game. the game was supposed to be played in gainsville, but the s-e-c stepped in and decided the conditons are too dangerous to risk playing a game. both teams will try to re-schedule for a later date. more than one-million people along florida's coast have been ordered ''lego kids fest'' is taking over the wisconsin center..the kids fest is a giant lego event ... that features interactive, creative and educational activities. the event starts later today at 4 o'clock. tickets are still available. there's one session tomorrow and two sessions on sunday... tickets are limited. coming up... a boxing legend's home is up for legend's home is up for sale.. and it's loaded with and -- what last month's job numbers reveal
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shifting.. let's take a live look at
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let's take a live look at hurricane matthew.daon beach.. if you are in the marketfor a nehome, the mansion owned by fo champion could be yours.the home is over 9,000 square feet and sits on two acre it has five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, an in ground pool and a walkout lower level entertainment "it is a property that is very
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spaces are extraordinarily well done, but it doesn't have an very ostentatious feel. i think it has a very understated simple elegance. the asking price .. if you're interested ... two-point-two million dollars. for your money.. job numbers are out and employers added 156-thousand jobs last month. the unemployment rate did tick up to five percent from 4-point-9... analyst say.. more people felt confident enought to start looking for work -- but not all found jobs. summer infant is recalling about 86-thousand infant bath tubs... due to the risk of impact injury and drowning. summer infant and the consumer product safety commission have received more than 90 reports of the slings detaching, including eleven reports of infants who received a bump to the head. you should stop using the product live at 12:30 is up next--
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continues its path this afternoon..also... people in one community upset after a man is accidentally released from jail.. why he decided to turn himself back in. let's take a liveook at
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here's another live look at hurricane matthew.... this is daytona beach.. hundreds of volunteers from around the country are being called on to help with hurricane matthew relief. the american red cross says wisconsin are already on their way south. more will follow after the storm passes. the american red cross says volunteers must stay a minimum of two weeks. some stay ahead of sunday night's primetime matchup -- the packers against the giants.. we had somvery special guests at our station is morning. the n-c sports "sunday night football bus" pulled into our parking lot- around 5 o'clock.kickoff for the game sunday night is


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